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Business Setup and Licensing service in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE

Business Setup service is one of the main services we provide at Just Business. We have extensive experience in business setup. We have helped over 500 entrepreneurs to start their business in Dubai. We help them get the required license for the business activity. We have a quick turnaround time in getting all the procedures completed and we make each step extremely easy for you so you can focus on your business rather than worry about the government regulations & licensing needs. We fulfil all the necessary requirements for getting the appropriate permissions to run your business.

Should you start a business in UAE?

There is no other country that comparatively has a more robust economy than the business Hub of the UAE region and more importantly the emirate of Dubai within UAE. In the past 30 years, Dubai and in turn UAE has seen exponential growth in the economy that only few countries in the world have witnessed. Economy of Dubai is so diversified that even though it is oil rich, it only contributes to about 3% of the economy.

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Businesses that operate in UAE find it very easy to run their office without much govt intervention. The country provides some amazing infrastructure to support businesses. The country also provides some great benefits to promote more businesses to flourish. Full-fledged support is extended for; protection of assets, issuing limited liability, giving large tax benefits, while maintaining utmost confidentiality.

Policies of the the govt are always aimed at making the region more stable and sustainable for business and this has helped businesses flourish. It has location advantages in the Middle East region and easy access by sea and air that help entrepreneurs travel in and out of the country hassle free.

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Key reasons to start a business in Dubai, UAE:

  • Amazing facilities and Infrastructure
  • Tax Haven and other Financial perks
  • Relative ease to start a business.
  • Favorable visa and immigration laws
  • Amazing growth opportunities for any business

Steps involved in setting up a business in UAE.

There are multiple steps involved in getting a business in UAE depending on the location and the business activity. Below are all the steps that Just Business can help you with to get your business license.

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  • Local sponsor as partner, if license in Mainland Dubai, UAE
  • Preparing Memorandum of Association & activity for all shareholders involved
  • Initial Approval from Department of Economic Development
  • Trade Name Approval and Office location Approval
  • Issue Trade License from relevant govt authorities

Type of License and Under which Authority to get the License.

There are three distinct types of licenses offered in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE. You could apply for a commercial license, professional license or an industrial license depending on the business activity to be conducted. Another important consideration is to determine where to register your business in UAE. There are 7 Emirates and each Emirate has its own mainland authority and Free Zone authorities. Deciding the license type and location within UAE can be tedious task and could also end up being expensive if the right one is not chosen. We at Just Business having years of experience can help make this process a lot easier and cost effective for you. Get in touch today.

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