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Open Corporate Bank Account in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the top tier locations to do business in the middle east. Many businesses from different industries operate successfully in the region. One of the main factors of this is the robust banking sector in Dubai. Top tier international banks as well as local banks operate in Dubai and help business fulfil thier financial needs and conduct business operations smoothly.Banks that operate in UAE are some of the largest banks in the region. if you operate a business in Dubai you most probably need a bank account. Sometimes it can be difficult for a business to get a bank account. This could be because of various reasons like not have sufficient documentations or not being a resident in the UAE, etc. Most banks in the UAE permit non-residents to open savings bank accounts only but it we can help you get a corporate account through our connections within the industry.

How Just Business can help you get a corporate account for your business?

Usually businesses face problems with KYC requirements and face other hurdles while opening bank accounts as banks and financial institutions operate under KYC policies to meet international standards. We at Just Business can help any business get over this hurdle and comply with KYC requirements to get a bank account in UAE. We have extensive experience in setting up bank accounts for our clients and know the ins and outs of the documentation requirements.

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We can make the process easier and hassle free by holding your hand during the entire process and resolve any issues immediately. We offer start to end corporate bank account opening services in UAE. You can contact us on

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