Value Added Tax Registration in Dubai

VAT Registration services in Dubai

The UAE has implemented a Value Added Tax (VAT) from January 1, 2018. Businesses with Dhs 375,000 or more annual return are expected to register as a vendor and charge VAT on the provision of their goods and services, except those goods and services that are categorized under exemption of VAT. Contact us to know if your business is exempted from VAT.

Some points to remember while registering your business under VAT.

The first step is to decide whether you are registering your company or are you registering yourself as an individual. If you have more than one companies in operation, will you be registering them separately or as a Tax Group? Once you decide to register for VAT, what are the documents that are needed to be kept ready before you proceed for registration? Can you opt for group VAT registration?

VAT Registration service dubai

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